Characters in the Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

Characters in the  Shadow Fight 2

 Shadow Fight 2 is a popular iOS and Android game. It is a fighting game with many challenges. It allows you to play a game as a warrior. It is well known for its graphics and its fascinating characters. If you want to play the game efficiently you must know about the characters in the Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.

 There are many important characters in this game. In this article, you will get complete information about these characters. You will learn about the powers, abilities, weapons, and fighting styles of each character. If you are also interested in these characters, you are in the right place to get details. 

You can also play this game on your PC and iOS system to get wonderful experience.

Characters in the Shadow Fight 2:

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Shadow is the main character and protagonist in the game. He is a Warrior. He is very brave and no one can even imagine standing in front of him. He loves to make new adventures. He travels to find new great battlefields.
In his journey, he discovered the gates of the Shadows. He had forgotten his elder’s advice and opened these gates.
 As he opened the gates, he did not know that it was another world that was full of demons. These demons attacked him. They were hazardous. They tore his flesh and drained his soul. He lost his physical body and turned into Shadow.
He is the hero of the Game. So now it is his responsibility to fight these demons to get his soul back. He has to defeat all the demons of this world to close the gates of the Shadows. He has to save the world from the annihilation and devastation of these powerful demons

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Sensei is one of the main characters in the Shadow Fight 2. This character is available in Old Wounds. The Old Wound is a mode of the game that is present in the special edition of the game. In this edition, the story of Sensei is given when he was young. 
He is a wise and experienced martial arts master. He serves as the mentor of the Shadow. He guides the Shadow in the battle. He also trains him to help him in his journey. 
Sense has great knowledge of the game. Throughout the game, Sensei appears as a mentor and gives guides to fight in battle. He guides the Shadow about challenges and duels in the game.

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May is a core ally and one of the important characters in the Shadow Fight 2. May is a tall girl and has a fit body. She has green eyeballs. She has long orange hair. Her head is covered with two bands. She is very friendly. She trusts people easily so that she can be trapped.
She is an expert in weapons and armor. She has skilled moves and magic powers. She is very kind to the Shadow. She is a brave as well as an intelligent character. It is all about her original personality. But when she is grabbed by Titan, she is changed. In the end, Shadow defeats the Titan then he saves May from the Titan. Now May is again back on the side of the Shadow. 

May and Shadow Characters in the Shadow Fight 2

 When May meets the Shadow, she asks him to take her with him on the journey. She is known as an armor expert in Act 1. She tells him “I will help you in your journey and I will not bother you. I will maintain your weapons”. 

Shadow agrees and they move forward. Now at one point, there is a task to seal the gate. Sensei informs the Shadow that only a person having bones and flesh can seal the gate. Sensei and Sly deny sealing the gate. May agrees to do this task. When she starts doing this a strong wind blows and drags her in the gate. And then the gate closes.

Now, Shadow has to save May from the demons. He has to fight with all six bosses of the game to win. He has to break the seal of the gate again. When May is under the control of the Titan. She also becomes a demon now she is named Justice. Her eye color has now changed from green to white. She looks like a demon. Shadow will defeat all the demons to save May from the Titan.

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Sly is one of the main characters in the Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. In the beginning, he is a clever merchant who takes advantage of other people. He deceives the other people to get benefits. He also met Sensei, Shadow, and May. He also wants to double-cross them.
He asks Shadow if he will give some important secrets about Hermit. He will charge 450 coins to help them. He thinks that he will not give any secret to Shadow but will get coins. He does the same. He takes money from the Shadow and disappears.
In Act 3, Sly again meets the Shadow and blames him as the reason for the destruction of his business. But in the end when Shadow defeats all the demons, now people believe that Shadow has some powers. After that, Sly also changes himself.

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Kali is one of the main characters in Act 7. She helps the Shadow in fighting. She helps the Shadow with the maintenance of weapons and money. She appears in the game when Shadow has to fight with Shroud. She also helps him to fight against Titan.
In the game, Shroud attacks Shadow. He hit the Shadow and then Shadow lost his health. Now he is not able to fight against Shroud. At this point, Kali comes and assists the Shadow in the fight. She uses his energy to escape Shadow from the Shroud. And then they win the battle.

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Ancient was also the character in Act 7. He was the last king of his community. These people are characterized by strong willpower. Before Titan, the  Ancient race was dominating the world. Then Titan comes. He kills them and wins the World.
These people had strong Willpower, but still, after defeat, Titan was unable to change their will. Ancient was the one who ran from the Titan’s trap. He helps the Shaow to fight against the demons.

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Cypher is an old genius man in the Shadow Fight 2. He has been a member of this world for a long time. He joins the Shadow in Act 7. 
He is the replacement for Sensei’s role. He guides the Shadow in the fight. He guides the players about the fight, its challenges, and duets. He informs the players about the game as they level up.
After 15 stages, Cypher asks the Shadow for a friendly fight.  He wants to test the powers of Shadow. Cypher uses telescopic staff and Landmines as his weapons in the fight.


These are the main characters in the Shadow Fight 2 who help the Shadow in his fight. All of them are strong and have particular abilities that help the Shadow to defeat the demons. They help the Shadow to Fight against Titan to save the world from the demons.

In this article, you will get complete information about the characters. It will be helpful for you to win the game.

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