How to defeat Butcher in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is a game of fighters having competent demons in it.

Butcher is one of them. If you are searching for the question that How to defeat Butcher in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK? Then you are in the right place to find the answer.

In this article, you will get complete information about Butcher. You will find important strategies, powerful weapons, and mistakes to avoid to defeat Butcher. You just have to read the article and follow the instructions. Then You will defeat Butcher.

You can download this game on your PC and iOS system also.

Butcher in Shadow Fight 2 a toughest opponent in the game.

Butcher is one of the most challenging enemies of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.

He is the third demon boss with great powers. He is the leader of a juvenile gang. He is famous for his incredible strength and swift attacks.

 Shadow Fight is a fighting game. The storyline of this game is set in ancient times when there were many foes. After defeating Hermit you have to face Butcher. He is very selfish and kills people brutally. He is the commander of the gang and he carries the Red Seal. You will go to the land of Butcher and conquer him to get that Red Seal.

Butcher is a bulky man wearing a grey jumpsuit with a bun hairstyle.  He bears two giant meat cleavers as his weapons. He wears a belt with a demon symbol on it. His appearance makes him more frightening.

Butcher has five bodyguards who are part of his bandit gang. They are loyal to him and protect him.

  1. Bird: He is a Butcher’s bodyguard armed with knives.
  2. Bull: He is one of the prominent bodyguards of Butcher armed with Batons.
  3. Rhino: He is a Butcher’s bodyguard armed with crescent knives.
  4. Redhead: Bodyguard of Butcher armed with Tonfas.
  5. Reaper: Bodyguard of Butcher armed with Kusarigama.
Butcher and it's bodyguards

 Buther is one of the most powerful and challenging opponents in the Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. He is well known for his intense and vigorous attacks.

His punches and kicks are well-prepared and on time so that they can cause massive damage to the player. He uses a combination of attacks, mixing up pushes, kicks, and special moves. So you have to be vigilant at every point.

Fight between Butcher and Shadow with best control system.

 Butcher in Shadow Fight 2 is known for his aggressive attacks and brute strength which can defeat anyone easily. He is a tough opponent in the game because of his brutal arms. He has a pair of large, threatening cleavers as weapons. He adopts his magic fireball, dark blast, dark implosion, and chakram. To defeat the butcher player has to be careful about his attacks and also have weapons and arms that give the player protection against the butcher’s attacks.

Download this game from Google Play and use different strategies to defeat it. Butcher likes to use his quick and powerful attacks. His most deadly move is the spin attack which causes huge damage to you. So you have to make strategies to defeat the Butcher in Shadow Fight 2 by following these steps.

  • First of all, you have to stay at a distance from him. If you are out of range then Butcher cannot hit you with his spin attack.
  • Secondly, move quickly and attack him within no time. This can save you from his attack.
  • Wait for his move and use your powerful attacks and weapons to defeat him.
  • Don’t be afraid of his fire enchantment, weapons will protect you.
  • Have patience, Don’t be so panicky. It will take time and a few tries but in the end, you will definitely defeat the Butcher.

It is a difficult task to defeat Butcher in Shadow Fight 2. So after making strategies you also need powerful weapons to compete. The best weapons to defeat Butcher are the Dragon sword, the Falcon’s Talons, and the Titan Glove.

The Dragon Sword is an impactful arm to take down Butcher. It causes high damage and good reach, making it one of the most effective weapons for defeating Butcher.

Falcon’s Talons have good range and speed, allowing you to get close to Butcher and attack on him.  It can be used to move quickly.

Titan Glove is a powerful weapon that can cause heavy damage to Butcher. It can help you defeat the bodyguards of Butcher.

 Some common mistakes can cause great damage to you. So if you want to defeat Butcher in Shadow Fight 2, you have to avoid them.

  • Butcher’s attacks are very fast and can damage your powers a lot. If you don’t block them. So be vigilant and stop him.
  • You will lose the game if you do not use your magical powers and ranged weapons. So make use of them carefully and on time.

In conclusion, Butcher is a challenging adversary in this game. If you want to defeat him you will give your utmost attention and skills to defeat. You just have to try again and again and in the last, you will win. This article will be helpful to you in this regard. Moreover, you will have more chance to defeat him if you follow this.


He is careless and does not think before doing anything.

If you want to attack use Dragon Sword, Titan Gloves, and Falcons Talons