How to defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?

 Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is a fighting game full of challenges. At each level, you have to compete with different combatants which are powerful. Hermit is one of the most reckless competitors in this game. If you aim to overcome the question of How to defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?  Then have a look at this article, it is highly valuable for you.

 You will get here a complete information about Hermit. It’s abilities, equipment, and bodyguards. There are some special guidelines for fighting with a Hermit like upgrades and strategic use of weapons. You can follow the instructions and can easily defeat the Hermit.

Hermit is a demon boss in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. He is so powerful and one of the most challenging bosses in the game. He builds and runs his martial arts school. He is a teacher who is famous for his catastrophic moves and mysterious powers.

Hermit has bodyguards, as the level starts first of all you have to defeat the bodyguards.

Then eventually, you will face a hermit. He attacks you from a distance and casts spells

that cause intensive harm. You will kill the hermit to get his powers which can be used in the next levels. 

Hermit in shadow fight 2, a powerful opponent in the game
Shogun in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

In this game, you will face different challenges and levels to defeat different powerful enemies. After defeating all, You will become the strongest fighter in the world. Hermit is one of the most vigorous bosses in this game. He has a mission of his life to learn new fighting techniques and become most powerful. He works on both the physical and mental health of his army. He trains his army through different techniques like Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Wing Chun.

Hermit has a composed personality which shows him as a skilled boss and competitor.

He usually wears a Chinese traditional martial arts suit. His face is partially covered by a hood. He has a pair of blade tonfas. His face has scary marks that make him more frightening. He is so skilled that no one can compete with him easily.

Hermit is well known as Master. He has both physical and mental skills in martial arts that make him a powerful adversary. He has unique abilities to fight that refine him to be an unbeatable combatant. He has fast-moving speed, tonfa mastery, effortless grace, and prompt response. He also has magical powers like telekinesis, spells, fire manipulation, and energy projection. 

Hermit uses his specific type of equipment for fight. It includes the Chinese double-edged straight sword, the Jian sword.  This sword is a sign of nobility and honor. It has a great history in China.

 He operates two primary weapons which are “ The Nunchaku and Tonfa”. He moves so swiftly around his enemies that inflicts severe damage with every hit.

There are five bodyguards of Hermit in this game.

  1. Dragon: The  First bodyguard of the Hermit who is handling the staff.
  2. Buffalo: The second bodyguard of the Hermit who has Crescent knives.
  3. Mantis: He is the third bodyguard having oriental sabers.
  4. Tiger:  The Fourth bodyguard that has steel claws.
  5. Crane: He is the fifth bodyguard who is unarmed.
Hermit with his bodyguards
Bodyguards of Shogun

Every demon in Shadow Fight 2 needs specific weapons to defeat. If you want to defeat Shogun, Butcher, or Titan, you also have to get knowledge about weapons for them. To fight with the Hermit you should have some specific weapons. The list of the best powerful weapons that are used to defeat the Hermit is given below:

  • Blood Reaper
  • Blade Tonfas
  • Magari Yari
  • Kusarigama
  • Widow’s fans
  • Shogun Katana
  • Steel Nunchaku
  • Chainmail Armor
  • Bronze coque Helmet

You can get these weapons from the store of the game. If they are locked then you can also unlock them by using coins and gems.

Hermit is a powerful boss who has different abilities and magical powers to defeat you.

He uses his clever moves to overcome the player. So if you want to compete with Hermit you have to read the given below instructions on how to defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.

 Shadow vs Hermit. A best fighting game
Shadow Vs Hermit

Before fighting, first of all, you have to confirm that you have upgraded weapons and armor. This will help you fight and compete with Hermit. So that you can defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 easily. 

To compete with Hermit, you have to make a strategy. You must know which weapons have to be used and how you have to use them. In your plan, you have to arrange your weapons in a sequence to use. The effective weapons are throwing knives and Shurikens. This saves you timely from the Hermit attack.

Wait for a while and keenly observe the moves of the Hermit. After it learn how to save yourself from the attack of Hermit. It is the most effective step of defense from Hermit.

Hermit is well known for his swift attacks over a short or long range. So you have to be attentive in every second. Don’t panic and stay composed to overcome the attack of the Hermit.

Don’t attack first. Hermit waits for you to attack starting his attacks. Stay at some distance and predict the attack of the Hermit. You have to be vigilant and react swiftly. It is a valuable skill for you to defeat Hermit.

           It is the fighting strategy of the Hermit. If you are near the Hermit and you see the storm lightning. Then move back to prevent you from this storm. It may cause a lot of damage to you. So stay at a distance and use impact attacks and kicks.

Here you will get the summary of steps you have to follow to defeat the Hermit in Shadow Fight 2.

Step 1:  First of all protect yourself from the Hermit’s attack. Don’t start the fight. Just wait for a while for any sound.  When the hermit hears the sound, he comes back. At this time attacks on the Hermit. Now at this time attack on the Hermit before he attacks at you.

Step 2:  Don’t Panic. Just start attacking the Hermit continuously until he falls to the ground. When falls to the ground it means that he is dead now and you have won the game.

Step 3: Don’t Scared. Whether the Hermit is a powerful boss does not mean that you can’t defeat him. Just focus on your skills. Make a proper plan and use upgraded weapons and different tools to fight with the Hermit until he falls to the ground.

Step 4: Enjoy your victory and wait for the next boss at the next level.

In this article, you will get information about the Hermit. Hermit is a teacher at a martial arts school. Fighting with the Hermit is not an easy task but it can be made easy by preparing yourself to compete. If you want to conquer Hermit,  you just have to follow the given steps, make strategies, and use your skills. I hope this article will be helpful for you to defeat Hermit.