How to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?


  The most important question asked by the new player is How to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK? He is the toughest Boss in the game. He conquers different worlds and makes their people slaves.

In this article, you will get the answer to the above question. You will get here a complete guide to defeating Titan. You will get information about Titan, his appearance, and weapons used by the Titan. Just read this article and make yourself competent to defeat Titan.

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Appearance of Titan in Shadow Fight 2

Who is Titan in Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK?

Titan is the ultimate and final Boss in the game. He is known as the conqueror of the world. The player faces different bosses in the game. Titan comes when the gates of Shadows are closed. The Gate of Shadows and Shadow Energy are associated with him.

Titan found the Shadow World after conquering the different world. His main strategy is to rule over different worlds with his mind-controlled army. He controlled the minds of the people he previously conquered and added people of the newly conquered world.

Appearance of Titan in Shadow Fight 2

Ttan is a very tall and bald man wearing a black armor suit that is covered with electric cables into his body. He possesses a giant sword named Titan’s Desolator.
He looks mighty and has glowing eyes. Dark energy is swirling around him.
It is not easy to defeat Titan. When he defeats the Shadow, he laughs in a sinister manner. But Shadow defeats the Titaan, he falls on his knees. In the final defeat, he blasts with a great explosion.

Bodyguards of Titan in Shadow Fight 2:

Titan’s bodyguards are also evil and dangerous for the Player. You have to compete with these bodyguards according to their fighting skills. These bodyguards have special types of equipment with them which is given below:

Assassin: The bodyguard armed with Devastator.
Master: The bodyguard armed with a Composite Sword.
Guru: The bodyguard armed with thunder hammers.
Corsair: The bodyguard armed with Plasma Rifle.
Emperor: The bodyguard armed with Cobra’s Tooth.

Weapons of Titan in Shadow Fight 2

 In Shadow Fight 2, Titan uses a variety of weapons to fight. It includes Titan’s Sword, Titan’s Knives, Titan’s Desolator, Titan’s Truncheon, Titan’s Revenge and Titan’s Doom. 

Titan swings around a huge sword and sharp knives. If you are too close to him, he will use a Desolator which is a big axe, or his Truncheon, like a heavy club. If you are far away from the Titan. He will use his Titan’s Revenge which is a long weapon. In short, he is a tough opponent and uses different weapons to fight according to the situation.

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Equipment to defeat Titan

Now if we talk about the weapons to defeat Titan, then it is suggested that use quick and short-range weapons such as batons, tonfas, and knives. You have to use Frenzy, time bomb, Poisoning, and Bleeding. These enchantments will have a great effect on Titan’s shield and they are still effective when the shield is on. You can use a composite bow or a chakram to attack Titan from a safe distance.

To defeat Titan ranged weapons and all types of magic are useless. So don’t use them. 

You have to maintain a distance from the Titan then you will succeed.

Important Tips and Tricks to Defeat Titan

Shadow Fight 2 game is full of challenges and you face different demons at each level. You can also get strategies to defeat other demons like Shogun, Butcher, and Hermit. To defeat Titan some important tips and tricks are given below:

Avoid Titan Attacks

 When you are in front of Titan then you need to stay on your toes. He is powerful and it is difficult for you to stand against his attack. Try to block and counter these attacks directly.  So the best way to save yourself is by dodging him by swiftly moving left or right.

Shadow Fight 2 TITAN FINAL BOSS END CREDITS. 0 38 screenshot

Ground Attack Proficiency

 It is an important attack for the player when his opponent is vulnerable on the floor.
It is a very crucial attack. To execute this attack you need to consider timing and precision. To defeat Titan when he is standing upright is very difficult so it is a turning point for you to attack on Titan when he is on the ground. It will increase the chances of your victory.

Use of a Composite Sword:

You have to prepare yourself for the fight. For this use a complete power of your weapons. First of all, equip yourself with a composite sword as it will cause high damage output. You can also pair it with Frenzy enchantments to amplify your attacks and deal with the devastating attacks of Titan.

Fight between Shadow and Titan


Here is the complete guide for you to defeat the Titan. To defeat Ttan you require skills, strategy, and perseverance. You can increase the chance of your success by focusing on the game mechanism, Titan’s abilities, attack patterns, and suitable types of equipment. This article is worth seeing for you if you want to triumph over the Titan.

So be ready for the adventure, sharpen your skills, Keep trying and never give up. With determination and this guide, you can defeat the Titan and achieve victory in Shadow Fight 2.