How to defeat Shogun in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

If you are a lover of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, and finally you have reached the game’s last chapter. Here you will face the most Unyielding enemy Shogun. If you are worried about How to defeat Shogun in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, just stay relaxed. This article is very helpful for you.

 In this guide, you will find different strategies to defeat Shogun in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. You will get knowledge about the powers of Shogun so that you can act accordingly to defeat him. You will fight easily against Shogun by improving your types of equipment and utilizing tactics like dodging and countering his attacks.

Shogun is one of the most powerful and challenging bosses in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. He is the ruler of Ivory City. He killed the previous prince of the city and took control of it. He is known for his exceptional battle mastery. He has his own discrete powers and fighting style.  To defeat Shogun you have to try harder than other bosses.

Shogun is the challenging demon of the game.

The appearance of Shogun makes him more frightening. He wears a traditional Japanese dress called Bushi. He has wild expressions and long back hair. He wears a black armor suit and helmet. He has weapons named  Katana and Wakizashi. Physically he is a strong young man. He looks strong.

Shogun uses a pair of weapons consisting of a Katana and a Wakizashi. He primarily fights with Katana for maximum attacks and  Wakizashi to serve a finishing move. He wears a crescent Helmet.

He also uses a range of weapons like Kunai of the Wind. Once he is defeated he switches his wings to Dragon wings and Keen Chakram when he is defeated twice.

He mostly fights with magic power and uses Fire Ball, Fire Pillar, and Asteroids.

The shogun has an army, the bodyguards of the Shogun are named as their rank in the army.

  1. Corporal: The bodyguard, armed with a Jumoji Yari.
  2. Captain: The bodyguard, armed with a Nadochi.
  3. Major: The bodyguard, armed with Dual Wakizashis.
  4. Colonel: The bodyguard, armed with a Bisteno.
  5. General: The bodyguard, armed with a modified Glaive.
How to defeat Shogun in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK with his bodyguards

There are different bosses which you have to defeat to win. Each demon has his own way to defeat. You have to follow tips and tricks to defeat Demons like Hermit, Titan, and Butcher.

 It is a challenging task to defeat the Shogun. First of all, you have to prepare yourself for the fight. You have to make sure that you have strong armor and upgraded weapons to fight. When you feel that you are ready and confident, it’s time to start the fight.

You have to know about the attacks of the Shogun so that you can protect yourself. 

The best way to combat the Shogun is to quickly attack and then step back. If you are too close to him he will grab you and can give you a huge damage. So just you have to keep yourself calm and fight with strategies and the use of weapons.

 First of all, have a look at all the moves of Shogun. He has a few moves which he uses throughout the fight.  He usually starts a fight with a quick punch. You have to be vigilant about his attacks. There are some tips and tricks to fight which are given below.

To fight against Shogun first of all make sure that you have upgraded your weapons, armor, and helmet to maximum level. It will be very beneficial for you to attack.

It is a crucial trick to fight. You have to know about the attack pattern of the Shogun. He mostly uses quick attacks. So that you can fight against him by making strategies.

One important tip to fight is the maintenance of strong defense. Shogun’s attacks are deadly and swift. So you have to make it possible to block or dodge his attack.

Although the Shogun is a powerful enemy. But there are also some weaknesses of him. So if you want to fight against him. You have to keenly observe the weakness of the Shogun. It will be a plus point for you in the fight. 

Sometimes, the Shogun attacks many times without any thought. These attacks make him vulnerable. So at that time, you can attack him with full of your power to defeat him.

shadow vs shogun. Fighting game having best control system.

In this game, you will also get some special attacks to compete. These attacks can cause significant damage to the Shogun. But they can also leave you insecure if they miss. So only use these attacks at that time when you are sure that they will not be missed.

The fight with the Shogun is all about timing and patience. You have to wait for the exact time to attack. Don,t be panic. Behave in a calm way to fight and wait for the right moment to assault.

In this fight, you will get different types of weapons. Each weapon has a different range, speed, and properties. Do experiments with different weapons to see which are useful to you and make the fight easier for you.

With these tips and tricks, you will win the battle against the Shogun.

The Shogun is a great opponent and it requires a range of powerful weapons to fight.

Some weapons will help you to compete.

  • Katana
  • Axe
  • Claw
  • Staff
  • Shuriken
  • Throwing Knife

Fighting with the Shogun is a challenging task for you. But it is not impossible to win. This article will be worth seeing for you. You just have to read it carefully. In this article, you have given information about the weapons, bodyguards, and appearance of the Shogun. When you are ready to fight then don’t give an inch to the Shogun to win.

Good luck! Do share this article with your friends if you find it helpful to you.